Retevis Sponsor the Radio Club

Retevis Sponsored the Radio club East Lancs Radio Club to attend the radio exhibition on 29th,April.

This Exhibition was held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Exhibition Centre in Blackpool.

Retevis Sponsor

Retevis sponsored the prizes for this club, the first prize is Ailunce HD1, congratulation to this ham to win this radio.

Also Retevis sponsored the second prizes and third prizes, the Retevis Souvenir: Hat and U-disk

Thanks to Peter Martin, he done a good job for us, made the leaflets, the Retevis Flag. Also took the pictures and winners to us, thanks very much!

The club East Lancs Radio Club GX4ELR also win Club Stand at NARSA RALLY because their stand was packed with interesting projects. Also thanks to RSGB Chairman, Ian Shepherd, G4EVK who agreed to judge the club stand competition. He was very impressed with several club stands, but at the end, he deemed East Lancs Radio Club to be the worthy winners.

Retevis Plan

Retevis is very happy to do more things like the radio rally, ham fest! Also with the same goal with radio club to improve this hobby of amateur radios, and want more and more people to know the amateur radios.

Wanna to know more, please email  us:

We will reply you within 24hours.

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