Retevis story for all of you!

After five years, a man trudged thousands of mountains and rivers to the gate of a holy monk’s temple, hoping to find the true meaning of happiness in life. But the holy Monk didn’t see anyone. But seeing the man was so sincere, he asked his disciples to give him three silk bags and told him:

If you are in doubt, open the first one.

If you are in danger and want to protect yourself, open the second tip.

The third one is what you ask for. Do not open it until you get home!

The man thanked and carrying luggage on the way home, after a journey, the man went to the most dangerous place on the road, here want to sleep safely,  in the front of the two inns, a magnificent, but the rules are complex; another is very simple, but also is very simple, nothing but a bed, the man hesitated, he opened the first kits, which wrote: “don’t be fooled by the temptation of fancy, the simplest is what you need most,” and the man chose the simple one. Early in the morning, he found many people in another hotel was dead because of the dispute of the fancy hotel’s extra requirements and money. The man, fortunately, escaped the fight and continued on his way home.

Through a period of time,  the man went to a forest, suddenly saw a gangster with an ax. He felt the danger. Then he opened the second silk bag, top wrote: “encounter problems don’t impulse, everything from the root can solve the problem, the simplest is what you need most,” man becomes extinct detachment of gangsters said: please, don’t break my life, my family has four old and there are two small children, only my own outside strives for making a living, you want money, I will give you all the money, please let me a chance to live!

The gangster also can’t help but sigh, they have the same experience, he had no choice but to kill people,  he felt ashamed, suddenly soft, let go of the man, and protected him out of the woods.

Before long, the man finally returned home with a tired body and had a family reunion, the man excitedly took out the third silk bag, and his wife slowly opened it, seeing the note in the silk bag, they couldn’t help but look at each other and smiled, then they hugged together with tears.

The note in the third silk bag wrote:

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Retevis silk bag
Retevis silk bag

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