Passion Team, Creating Dream

With the rapid development of Retevis,the staff is also continually growing.A same iron, may saw depletes friendly, also may be tempered into steel; A same troop, may unsuccessfully, also may achieve great undertaking,in order to sharpen the team cooperation ability and improve relationship each other. From 20 to 21th of May,2017,Retevis organized two days outdoor development training activities.


1.close cooperation,achieve ourselves

‘‘Pipeline Relay Game”:Tracks are connected together by all players,When the target ball moves forward from the starting point,must go through the track of every player,In the case where the target ball doesn’t fall off the floor,it’s success to reach scheduled destination.This game is mainly to exercise team collaboration ability and communicative competence, management time ability.



2.warm family, forget ourselves

“Blind House Game”All members of the team randomly divided into three groups, respectively play the blind and dumb people. The dumb people help the blind to walk a journey.The game is mainly to cultivate the team to help each other and enhance feelings.


3.fearless hardship,challenge ourselves

“Graduation Wall Game” The collective through 4.2m high wall by team strength.The game is mainly to improve survival skill at times of crisis, cultivate team cohesion, quickly decision-making ability.


A day of activity is over, I am very grateful to have such a profound experience and meaningful experience through the development of training activities. I can in such a tacit understanding of the team and honored, I believe, in our big family, whether we will be the next face what kind of difficulty, we are able to holding hands together to overcome, because I firmly believe that: unity is strength!

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