A New Toy Retevis Toy Walkie Talkie

The Chirstmas is coming soon! A lot of parents will select the gift for your kids.I think the toy will be the the best choice and the kids will be like it very much. But Toy For kids, which style will you think about ?

Here I will tell you a new style Toy:Retevis Toy walkie talkie.

Retevis Toy walkie talkie will teach your kids:

1, For kids,Communication ability is very important.The Retevis toy Walkie talkie have the function about talking and listening. Kids can talk with their friend, parents by Retevis Radio. 

2,The Retevis Toy have many functions like: change channel, adjust volume. Kids can set up them by themself. Parents only need to  say how to do, but kids need to practice. So this will help parents to improve the operate ability of kids.

3,This is an Educational Toys:  Kids will explore the world,Open new worlds of imagination and discovery with learning from Reteivs Toy walkie talkie.

So Retevis Toy walkie talkie is not only a toy, but a toy that can help them to talk to friends.Click here to know more about Retevis Toy walkie talkie: www.retevis.com/children-s-page.

All the Retevis Toy walkie talkies are the licence-free radio: With the two standards: EU(PMR446) and US (FRS). And all the Retevis Toys have the Certificates of CE,FCC,IC,ROHS and WEE.

Want to know more details? Please contact us :partner@retevis.com. 

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