Car radio common problems and solution

Car Mobile Radio Common Problems & Solutions

Car Mobile radios are designed to be installed into a vehicle and connected to an external antenna mounted outside the automobile. There are a few things that can cause a car Mobile radio to suddenly stop working, but it’s tough to say exactly what your problem is without knowing some more information. Here are a few different car radios common problems and potential solutions.

Car two way radio common Problem&Solution1. Car Mobile Radio turn on the power, but nothing is displayed.

Power positive and negative reverse,Connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the DC power supply.

2.  Fuse blown.

Check the fuse where the fuse is caused and solve the problem, replace the new fuse.

3. No sound from the speaker.

Maybe squelch level is too high then reduce the squelch level. Also need to turn off CTCSS or DCS squelch function.

4. The button does not work.

There is a knob lock function on RT95, it should be enabled. Please cancel the knob lock function.

5. Do not scan.

The channel is not programmed in scan list.

6. Full noise after programming.

Because turn on squelch function when programming.

7. Communicate distance becomes , Poor sensitivity.

  1. Check the antenna, whether it is intact and loose or not.
  2. Does the antenna head has debris or damaged.   Check whether it is set to low power or not.

8. Can not talk to other members of the group.

Frequency / channel is different, You can adjust;

CTCSS / DCS different, it need to re-set;

Out of the communicate range.

We hope that we have cleared up some of the problems you have been having, or can prepare you for when you encounter them.  If you feel that above problems also cant help you, please contact us via email, Try our best to solve any problems. 

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