How far radio communication range?

Many customers usually ask “How far radio communication range?”In fact, the question is hardly answer because many factors affect communication range, communication environment and power,signal disturbance are main factors,simply introduce main factors as beow


Communication Environment

If it is in an broad area (such as grassland, sea level), the radio can reach a great distance. Of course, if the environment is relatively closed, such as the high-rises, the raio signals will get in the way of weakening and getting closer

Retevis RT1

Radio Power

The radio power also affect communication range, high power has the larger the range of signal,distancan is more far, Retevis RT1&RT81 radio 10W output power can reach more farther communication range

Retevis RT81


Signal Disturbance

As you all know, the amount of noise in the city is the largest, and all kinds of radio interference and mobile phone signal interference can affect the distance.

Retevis HD1

Otherwise, insufficient battery power,antenna matching/gain and so on, In a word, kinds of factors affect talking range, so it’s difficult to answer the question “How far radio communication range?”,but we can recommend a suitable radio reply on where the radio will apply for, pls contact us by email:

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