Retevis two way radios solution for a paragliding school

Paragliding is a very popular outdoor activity, it’s necessary to keep communication in playing, Retevis two way radios solution can meet your requirement

Normally, outdoor activities mostly choose waterproof radios and big batteries, Paragliding is as well
The student may make a landing in the water, so they ask for a radio with waterproof capability. In addition, the longtime standby is also necessary, so the big battery is noticed
RT87 is an IP67 waterproof radio with LED screen which can be reprogrammed the frequency by the keyboard, if you need to reprogramme in any time, you can choose this model
RT29 is also an IP67 waterproof radio, the high power for farther communication, at the same time, a 3200mah big battery for longtime standby.
If you needn’t reprogramme the frequency, you can directly use them out of the box

Retevis two way radios solution

If you need a farther distance communication, more than 10km, the student is 10km away on the mountain, the coach is on the beach
In this situation, the coach uses a fixed mobile radio (RT9000D), the student builds a repeater(RT97) on the mountain,and uses the handheld radio RT87, or RT29
In this solution, it’s no problem to make the coach communicate with students. If you want to know the detail about this solution, you can directly contact us

Retevis two way radios solution

If you are an amateur in Paragliding as well, and find the best communication solution, we’re waiting for you in here

Except for Paragliding, you may be another outdoor activity’s amateur, no matter what, we try our best to meet your requirement

Retevis welcome new resellers and  OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to



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