Retevis walkie talkie for emergency situation

As we know, when someone in an emergency situation, keeping communication is very important
In order to save and help more people who are in a dangerous, we have some walkie talkie for emergency situation

Severe weather and natural disasters occur frequently every year, like blizzards, mudslides, earthquakes, etc. When we meet these emergency situations, if you know how to choose a suitable walkie talkie which will be helpful. Firstly, you need to consider enough power supply for communication, then the important point is an emergency alarm, other features depend on the actual communication scenarios, like waterproof, high power, dual band dual standby

Recommend two Retevis walkie talkie

1. RT29

It’s a high power radio for long-distance communication, for example, if you stay in deep in the mountains, you want to talk with other people in farther
At the same time, IP67 waterproof feature to keep normal communication when you stand in a rainstorm, 3200mah big battery for long time standby

There’s an article for introducing RT29 for emergency rescue

walkie talkie for emergency situation

2. RT87

Besides the IP67 waterproof feature, RT87 is a dual band dual standby radio, that’s to say, one channel for normal communication, another one channel you can wait for an emergency situation
It has an FM function to listen to the weather forecast and the latest news, in addition, The LED screen you can reprogramme by the keyboard and achieve scan easily

There’s an article from a client to use RT87 in the cold

Retevis waterproof radio

If you need a walkie talkie for emergency situation, however, you don’t know how to choose the best one, welcome to email us,




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