Retevis walkie talkies for church safety

In our system, there are a lot of Retevis walkie talkies for church safety, RT86 is I think the best for church safety

If the church safety team is in charge of a large three-campus church, Campuses are a decent size and at least two levels. They would need between 15-20 for each of the three campuses and all would need to integrate, how they should choose Retevis walkie talkie? I will recommend them to choose the RT86 radio

1. High power with strong penetrating power, it’s no problem to make them communicate between three campuses, even if there are some walls

walkie talkies for church safety

2. 2600 mah big battery for long time standby, making sure the safety team has enough power no matter day and night

Retevis batttery

3. Wireless copy function, that’s to say, you needn’t a computer to reprogramme walkie talkie to keep the same settings for communication, it’s easier to operate outdoor

Retevis walkie talkie

4. Powerful torchlight, Built-in flashlight in the body, easy to use in an emergency when the church safety team makes a night work

5. Remote alarm function, If you meet an emergency situation, only need to achieve this function by one side button, the other security members will come to your site quickly and help you

walkie talkies for church safety

6. Noise Reduction Earpiece for option, if the surrounding environment is very noisy, you can use this earpiece C9216A to make sure clear communication

walkie talkies for church safety

RT86 is the best walkie talkie for church safety, normally we stock them in the local warehouse, if you’re interested in theRT86 model, welcome to contact us by email,

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