How to choose retevis waterproof walkie talkie?

How to choose retevis waterproof walkie talkie?

How many kinds of waterproof two-way radio does Retevis have?

What is different about them? How to choose the suitable IP67 walkie talkie?

As is well-known, Retevis have many kinds of walkie talkies, for hams, for family, for kids for business and so on.

Today we are going to talk about Retevis IP67 two-way radio.

Retevis have 12 models of IP67  two-way radio.

They are RT6,RT8,RT29,RT47,RT48,RT50,RT55,RT81,RT82,RT83,RT87 and Ailunce HD1.

They can be divided digital and analog models.

Digitals models including RT8, RT50, RT81, RT82, RT83, and HD1.

Analog Models have RT6, RT29, RT47, RT48, RT87, and RT55.


Firstly, we will talk about Analog IP67 Radio.

Among Analog IP67 Radio,RT6 is an old model.

Both RT47 and RT48 and RT55 are new models.

RT47 and RT48 have a different appearance, Rt48 have a Floating function.

Both of them can be be used in daily work, such as Outdoor security, sanitation, and some other work which may be rain or other reasons to contact the water.

RT55 is a VHF Marine Radio, it has many emergency functions, such as All USA/Internation/Canadian Marine Channels, NOAA function.

It is very suitable for sea freight, or Operational use of the ship.

RT29 and RT87 are classic waterproof two-way radio.

RT29 have 4 versions: VHF & UHF; Waterproof and Non-waterproof.

10w output, sturdy and durable, very suitable for outdoor business use, such as construction, logging area and so on;

RT87 have an Ink screen, and the outpower is 5w, smaller and lighter than RT29, very suitable for Hunting or outing and Personal use, so we called it amateur Radio.


Secondly, we will take about digital IP67 Radios.

The biggest difference between digital walkie talkie and analog walkie talkie is that the common analog radio no need to be programmed, but digital walkie talkie need to be programmed.

Both RT50 AND RT81 have had no big screen, RT50 have a stealth screen, you can see the channel and electricity by it. Both of them are very strong for business use.


All of Other Digital waterproof walkie talkie have a big color screen, you can see more information about your radios by it.

So many customers buy this kind of radio for themselves, such as Hams.

In fact, the DMR walkie talkie with a screen can also be used for business, because you can see the contacts and more information with the big screen.

But at this time, people tend to choose the screenless option for their business uses.


Finally, we will talk about Ailunce HD1.

It is a totally amateur Radio, and it supports programming by hand.

It means that you can program your radio basic functions anytime at anywhere no need to connect with your computer.

From the above, we can know that if you want to buy waterproof walkie talkie for your business, you can choose RT29, RT50, RT81, All of them are 10w IP67 radio, Solid and durable.

If your usage scenario isn’t too bad, you can choose RT47, RT48, both of them are 2w radio, License- free radio, and they are portability and durable.

If you want to buy one radio as your outdoor equipment, I think RT29 or  RT87 is a good choice.

If you are a ham, you can choose RT82, RT83, HD1, They won’t let you down.

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