Retevis Wish you Happy National Day Mid-Autumn festival

Retevis will have the holidays to celebrate the National Day and the Mid-autumn Day.

The National Day of the People’s Republic of China

Wikipedia said:

The PRC was founded on September 21, 1949, with a ceremony celebrating the forming of the Central People’s Government taking place in Tiananmen Square on October 1 that year.The Central People’s Government passed the Resolution on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China on December 2, 1949, and declared that October 1 is the National Day.

So this year, the Tiananmen Square is prepared the giant flower basket to celebrate the 2017 National Day. Best wishes to the motherland.giant flower basket

The Mid-Autumn Festival will coming on 4th,Oct.

Wikipedia said:

The Mid-Autumn Festival (traditional Chinese: 中秋節; simplified Chinese: 中秋节; Vietnamese: tết Trung Thu) is a harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people.The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of thelunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with full moon at night.

This Festival is a traditional day, is a harvert festival. At night,you can see the full moon and eat the mooncakes.mooncake

So Retevis have given the mooncakes to our staffs, to wish our staffs have a happy day!

Retevis will have an 8 days holiday from 30th, Sept. to 8th, Oct.

If you have order during this time,please don’t worry,we will arrange the shippment of your order from 9th, Oct.

If any question, you can email us or leave a message here,when we come back,we will answer you asap.


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