#RetevisHalloween Activity: How radios spend Halloween?


Welcome to participate in our RetevisHalloween activity, the main topic is how radios spend Halloween? If you have Retevis radios, it is a better time to have a new chance to earn a new radio or a large coupon for your friends or families. However, it is also the best opportunity to have a Retevis radio, and earn a large coupon.


From 26th Oct. to 5th Nov.


Including photos and videos with Halloween decorations.

Most of our radios are black, so it is easy to decorate them for Halloween. And you may need radios for pranks. So, it can share the decorated radios or radio spoof video on your social media pages to earn some Halloween benefits.


Judged by the number of likes.


①Giveaway(Free radio): top 3 participants can earn a new radio. For us, you can get an RB23. For other countries and areas is license-free radio RT45P, a new outdoor radio. Learn the features and functions. What is RT45P?  What is RB23?

②Large coupon: Coupon $100-$20usd. From top4 to top10 participants, you can gain and use the coupon to order your want, or you can also participate in the Retevis anniversary activity to compare the price. And if you need a surprise gift, please mark on your order, we will put the gift in your parcel.

Do these rewards sound good?

Requirements of photos and videos

The photos can show the radios and the decorations of Halloween. And please make sure the Retevis logo is clear and easy to see. If you want to share the video, the Retevis logo can be seen in your video. And please make sure the time is more than 10 seconds.

And please make sure your social media account activity is these days. And the high-quality photos and videos can earn more likes and followers. And share is also a good way to earn likes.

For our testing customers, we hope you can make some Halloween decorate photos or videos, and we can share the photos and videos on our Facebook page and @Retevis.

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