RetevisRT29 Waterproof Radio For Emergency Rescue

“For tomorrow, I really don’t know whether accident or happiness comes first.” The incidence of natural and man-made disasters is getting higher and higher. RetevisRT29 waterproof radio for emergency rescue.

There are customers who specifically want to buy walkie-talkies for emergencies. For example, in the event of an earthquake, parents can be notified in time.

When you are outdoors, get the weather forecast in time to avoid being affected by the weather. Even avoid natural disasters.

RetevisRT29 waterproof radio for emergency rescue

Some time ago, I saw a picture on the Internet. A nurse held a walkie-talkie through the glass and talked to a child lying on a hospital bed. I saw this picture very shaken. Through the game, the nurse gave a smiling face to the child who was supposed to have a happy childhood but lying on the bed. This kind of interaction makes children feel the joy of the game again. This way of talking can communicate with the child in time, get her inner thoughts at the moment, and relieve her in time. Even, to answer his naive “why”.

I was wondering, for those children who commit suicide, if there is a channel to listen to him in time the moment they board the balcony, can it be avoided. Sometimes, even if the firefighters are standing below, they still cannot receive valid information from the parties.

Sometimes, the most true words in my heart are inspired at a certain moment. When there is no equipment that can send information immediately, when reason takes over sensibility, these words are naturally suppressed.

Emergency rescue not only saves the body, but also the spirit.

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