RetevisRT47 Green Loves The World With You

Green always makes people’s eyes bright and gives a sense of vitality. Moreover, it is good for the eyes. Not only attracts people’s attention, but also makes people feel comfortable.

After the introduction of the RT29 orange model, the market responded well. RETEVIS also carried out an appearance design and applied for a patent. Hope to add a little color to customers. The durable function of falling resistance indirectly prolongs the life of RT47.

RetevisRT47 Green

RetevisRT47 Green has USB charging, which can meet the needs of outdoor use. It is no longer limited to wall chargers and dock chargers. It is convenient for you to carry and use during outdoor work, adventure and sports.

On the one hand, the back clip function is easy to carry, clipped on the neckline, by turning on the VOX function, instant communication; on the other hand, it protects the external battery. Very handsome setting.

The super dustproof and waterproof function is suitable for outdoor rain and fog weather. It is very practical for outdoor cycling, skiing, picnics, etc.


As information becomes more and more circulated, the threshold for using walkie-talkies is lowering. Everyone who likes social, adventurous, sports and communication can have a walkie-talkie. It’s not just fans, business people. The walkie-talkie is a medium. It allows us to understand the radio, understand the frequency, understand a new way of communication, etc., break the comfort zone and understand the world.

RetevisRT47 Green are suitable for everyone who loves life and the world.

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