RetevisTest Program is coming

RetevisTest Program, a new plan to test and review our radios for FREE.

This time, we offer RT20 and RT15 to be tested and reviewed. They are all the mini radios. If you are wondering how  to choose between them?

Let me introduce some features of them to help you decide:

RT20: A mini radio, with the color silver, 2W power 16CH UHF400-470mhz Analog walkie talkie with the FM function. In stock.

RT15: the new one, will in stock in Early September. Black color, mini radio, 2w 16CH UHF:400-470mhz.

How to win this chance?

Once you select a radio, you need to write a test plan to email: with the topic “RetevisTest“. Your plan should explain how you’re going to conduct your test and review. The more details, the more chances.

If you have youtube channel and other social media, please don’t forget to send the link.

We will check all the emails carefully, then will answer if you are the tester of us.

The testers will be announced on September 3th.

Review requirements

1, Form: Video or Article

2, Time: Once you  received your product, you need to send us the video( link) or Article to your review within two weeks.

3, Others: If you haven’t provided the videos or Articles after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future RetevisTest programs.


If any question, please feel free to leave messages here or email us:

Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.








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2 thoughts on “RetevisTest Program is coming”

  1. Hector L Torres Ramirez

    sorry the radio is Retcvis rt-20, can you help how to remove the ctcss.

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