The Beginner’s Guide to RM21 Screen Icons

In the last blog, we have mentioned some features of the latest VHF handheld marine radio RM21, we will learn more about RM21 screen icons in this article.

RM21 Screen Icons


 Display of RM21 VHF handheld marine radio
Display of RM21 VHF handheld marine radio

1.Battery Level Indicator:

Battery level indicator and charging icon alternately displayed during charging;

When fully charged, the battery indicator shows full level;

When the battery is low, the battery level indicator flashes and a beeping alarm sounds.

2.”3D” Channel Display Mode:

Display: A + 07, then it means the channel is 1007;

Display: B + 20, then it means the channel is 2020.

3.When the noise reduction function is enabled, the alarm sound can be transmitted but can not be received.

4.Different meanings of several abbreviations:

HI stands for High Power

MI stands for Medium Power

LO stands for Low Power ;

TX stands for Transmitting

 RX stands for Receiving

5.Indicates the operating channel number

6.Appears when the keypad lock function is activated;  Only PTT key works when the keypad is locked.

7.Appears when TAG Channel is selected.

8.Appears when the noise reduction function is enabled

9.Appears when Canada frequency group is selected

USA Stand for American frequency group;

INT Stands for International frequency group.

10.Appears when dual-band watch is enabled

11. Intensity display of output power; Strength display of signal received

12.Channel 16, Channel 16 is the default channels with the base station and used for emergency

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