RT-388 kids walkie talkies FAQ

Lots of customers mentioned that the walkie talkies couldn’t turn on .Or they  have used a few minutes ,it didn’t work at all.Here below are some solutions for your reference:

1: The problem is caused by the contacts indentation.Because that the  contacts is not so strong.Some battery couldn’t touch it.Here below are the images for your reference.You can have a try to repair it by yourself

What may cause the walkie talkie does not turn on(2)

2: Because that you use the wrong batteries: This walkie talkies use 4 X “AAA” batteries.Some batteries didn’t work with this walkie talkies although they are  4 X “AAA” batteries.Try the Eenergizer AAA batteries instead of brand Duracell AAA and make sure they are installed correctly, then press the power button for about 3 seconds to have a try.

3:If these are all didn’t work.Please contact with the seller.They will send you the replacement or refund you all the money ASAP.

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  1. Hello! On one of the walkie talkies the buttons are not responding at all. Is there a fix for this?


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