RT2 TOT function operation

Retevis RT2 TOT function operation

Last time we explain the RT1 TOT function and now let’s take the Retevis RT2 as an example to tell more details of it. If you wanna review the Definition and Purpose of the TOT and the RT1 operation ,please click here to check: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/operate-rt1-tot-function/

Skipped the same steps of the programming software preparatory work,we will start with RT2 TOT operation directly by displaying this screen shot below :

RT2 TOT function operation

So as we all know that TOT (Time out Timer )is used to set the continuous emission maximum time of walkie talkies. Then what about TOT Pre-alert / TOT Re-key / TOT Reset in the picture and how do they work ?By the way , pay attention that if you set the first line TOT(s)as off and the following three lines would be out of operation,too.And the maximum time of RT2 TOT(s) is 600,you could set from like 30,60,90……till the 600.

Well ,let’s back to talk the other three functions one by one.

TOT function of Pre-alert :

Definition :The time intervals that is from early warning voice to Timeout and TXSTOP.
Data Range :Off / 1~15(s)
Stepping :1
Default :Off
PS: If you set “off”,this function will not work.

TOT function of Re-key :

Definition :The shortest time intervals that is from Forbid Tx to Retransmission .
Data Range :0~60 (s)
Stepping :1
Default : 0 (s)
PS: If you set “0”,when it is forbidden to transmit,it could prepare to re-transmit again immediately.

TOT function of Reset :

Definition :The shortest time intervals of TOT Timer restoration when it stops transmit by not over the TOT time.
Data Range :0~30(s)
Stepping :1
Default : 0 (s)
PS: pls see the picture below which helps u understand the meaning of the definition–

TOT function


Also all of our radios have this function except the Children’s little walkie talkies .And the way to set it is almost similar ,but if you are still confused ,please leave your problems here and we will try our best to help.

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  1. I have a very great problem:

    the display of my RT2 is suddenly on the head in in mirror.
    I need your help very urgently!!!

    1. Open the radio with pressing OK menu and number 3 and 5 together ,then the LED light will turn to shining red and green,It shows you could restart it .Please try like this .

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