RT21: Distinguish from other encryption simulators

The difference between RT21 walkie talkie and other encryption simulators

The difference between the so-called Retevis RT21,other encryption simulators is the advantage of Retevis RT21 in terms of functions. The Retevis RT21 walkie talkie not only has CTCSS, but also has a Scrambler.

The RT21 walkie talkie is ideal for security activities ,

because it has scrambling capabilities, has 8 scrambler types, and keeps your communications private.


What is scrambler?

It means that the way to encrypt the voice is different from the CTCSS. Specifically, the voice is transmitted after programmed, and the receptor can only obtain the voice by the same decryption programming.

Scrambler function: By changing or mixing the sound of the broadcast and the information of the telephone, the person can only receive and understand through a specific frequency or channel. Its function is equivalent to encryption, it is an important function to ensure that radio waves and TV transmission content will not reveal privacy and prevent eavesdropping.


How do we set up the scrambler function of it?

After you read from the radio, you , click edit—function setting,and you will found scarmble enable,switch it.


The 1-8 scramble type to choose in channel information, and you can set different scramble type in different channel, will keep your communications safe, not only for security groups, but also keep your team private.


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