RT21:How does turn on Alarming and VOX Function?

The RT21 walkie-talkie has alarm function and VOX function.

Alarm function can help you find help when you are in danger.

VOX function help you free from your hands and make hands-free calls.

RT21 how to turn on the function?

RT21 is a Analog walkie talkies,so you need to program to turn on the functions.This instruction is just about how to program this radio to turn on the functions. Just make a reference

1.You could download the software from our website:


2.Please use the “ USB Universal Driver”.


And here is the instructions of how to reprogram for your reference:

1)Please kindly install the programming software and USB driver to your

computer. (The files are not compatible with MAC )

2)Open the software, and use the programming cable to connect a radio with computer, the radio need keep power on, also you need to choose the correct port. If you do not know which port is correct, you could try it one by one

3)Then click the Program and choose Read from Radio, all the settings will be

shown on the screen, then you will be able to reset it as you like.

Retevis RT21

4)Click the Edit and choose the Function Setup,you can find the VOX function to mark “√” in the previous small box.Then you can set the VOX sensitivity by adjusting the VOX Level .That is how to turn on and set the VOX Function.

Retevis RT21


5)Click the Edit, and choose the Key Setting,set up PF1 for Alarming.and you can alarm by pressing the left button directly when you are in danger.


Please note:If your computer system is MAC, you can program the radio on Chirp,and choose MAC software.

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