Retevis RT23 Cross-Band Repeater Walkie Talkie

RT23 is a new radio of Retevis Company. It has more functions,like Cross-Band Repeater,Dual PTT,Dual Receive,etc. They make RT23 more practical and more suitable for hams.

What makes RT23 unique?

Let’s do a simple compare with one hot sale model of Baofeng first. You can learn more about RT23.

1.Cross-Band Repeater Function.

Turn on the cross-band repeater function. It not only can increase the distance of communication, but also can make the UHF radio communicate with VHF radio. You can control if the radio can work as an ordinary radio when it works as a repeater. RT23 gives you more choices.

rt23-cross-band-repeater2.Dual Receiving

RT23 is not same with other radios, like BF-F8HP. BF-F8HP can “watch” two channels. Monitor two different frequencies(even on different bands (VHF/UHF)) and the radio will monitor both frequencies giving priority to the first station to receive an incoming call. RT23 not only can “watch” both frequencies, but also can receive two incoming calls at the same time. What is more, you can set the volume mode to control which channel voice is louder.


3.Dual PTT

You can set a Sub-PTT by side key. If so you need not to choose the transmit channel. Push PTT transmit the main-channel, push another side key will transmit the sub-channel.

rt23-dual-ptt4.360 Degree Channel Knob

The channel knob can rotate 360 degree. You can operate the menu up and down by this knob.

5.One touch setting same CTCSS/DCS

When you want to set same transmitting and receiving CTCSS/DCS. There is one independent menu.one touch setting.

More detailed function introduction, please follow our blog or Facebook.

RT23 is a good radio. You deserve it. It will give you a special experience. If you want one, just enter our Amazon store(US).

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10 thoughts on “Retevis RT23 Cross-Band Repeater Walkie Talkie”

  1. When will the programming for the RT23 be available on Chirp? I use a Macintosh Computer which works on Chirp.

    1. We have shiped one rt23 to Chirp. As i know they were a little busy recently, so the progress will be a bit slow. I will inform you when the RT23 programming is available on Chirp. Thanks.

  2. I have programmatically raised work frequency UHF:400-520Mhz. It promotes the best sale of these stations.

  3. Are Battery Eliminators Available yet for the RT23? have tried searching but not found yet, if they are where can i get one.

    1. We have the battery eliminators for RT23 but haven’t listed on our website. If you need, you can contact us!
      May I know where to ship?

  4. Wen-Yen Huang


    I’m interested about RT23 and want to buy one RT23, programming cable (SKU: A9122A-C9018A), and its battery eliminator. Would you please let me know where I can place an order for those items? I’m living in Colorado. Thank you.

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