RT29 work for farm application

I’m writing RT29 work for farm application, we are farming in Zambia, for all our the communication we use handheld radios, mainly Retevis RT29 VHF band. RT29 has VHF and UHF band for an option, I choose VHF band, the reason is that it can cover farther distance because VHF band has longer waves

Retevis RT29

Currently, RT29 works very well on our farm, we seem to be having a blind-spot on the farm, which is a critical location for communication. We are using a back-to-back repeater, made up out of 2x Motorola GM350 and a duplexer. The communication in a radius of 3-4km of the repeater is fine. Our dead spot is slightly further, maybe 5km, but difficult to reach. When standing in one specific place, we can communicate with the repeater.


The repeater is configured as follows;

RX: 163.9250

TX: 157.9250

All RT29 handheld radios are configured as follows:

RX: 157.9250

TX: 163.9250

Retevis RT29 for farm

We need to be able to use a handheld from the “good” area and communicate with another hand-held on our “dead spot”, and the other way around. I prefer to keep the same configuration for the handhelds used at the “deadspot”, since we do move around between the “dead-spot” and the repeater area. We could create a line of sight from the dead-spot to the repeater with a high antenna. I would like to expand the farther distance to cover  “dead-spot”

Retevis RT97

I am considering installing an RT97 repeater at our “dead-spot” because as I know that RT97 is a lightweight to easily carry outdoor,  Mostly we more pay attention to the economic price and simple operation. I will discuss with our team to order an RT97 repeater in the future




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