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Kids Walkie Talkie are always designed full of active imaginations and great fun . Those adorable little devices not only offer an easy way for families to keep in touch with one another, but also as a lovely gift for kids . The picture below displays all of our Retevis kids radios


retevis kids walkie talkies


Toy Robot RT36 Show Time


  • Size/Weight of RT36



Carrying a heavy two-way radio when kids playing outside is not an ideal situation . Also the radio should be felt comfortable when holding in hands. RT36 is designed to solve the problems with lightweight and portable. It is 74g in weight and 110mm x 55mm x 28mm in size, specially for kids who are 3 – 12 years old. Little kids enjoy using walkie talkies as part of their role play. Older kids will have a little freedom when playing on neighborhood without parents .

  • Range of RT36

RT36 is 0.5w license-free radio and there are two options for choice — EU PMR446 & US FRS Standards . They are both legal frequencies in the corresponding countries. The power is one of the determinant to impact the communication range. And RT36 can do 1-2 km as we testing. That’s a great substitute of telephone when talking frequently and irregularly within the distance . Such as —

1. Cook Outs / Neighborhood Activities
Giving the kids some freedom around the house and garden and allowing communication between different family members.




2. Block Parties / Kids Playing /Family Walk




Children playing and walking like to go far, very fast and becoming separated and losing sight is easy to do. Just treat radio as a funny playing tool to keep in touch with each other and make sure your kids are safe.










3.Coordinating multiple cars on big trips / Camping and so on .

If you often have family trips with other family friends with cars ,then having a walkie talkie in each car makes communication much easier.

kids walkie talkie
In a word — Walkie Talkies help the kids to have some independence when playing outside, meanwhile it give parents a way to make sure your children are safe. It is really a good and useful gift for kids .


  • Battery Type and Micro USB Charging of RT36

To make sure the sustainable utilization of energy , we design the RT36 to use chargeable 3 x “AAA” batteries , and it has a Micro USB charging port just like phone. It will be more kind to the environment . In fact , many of our children walkie talkies have this design, such as the Camouflage RT33. Convenient and easy to take.


  • Easy-to-use Functions of RT36

For younger children, it is important that there aren’t too many features , so that the handsets can be used easily and without any issues. So don’t worry about how to use the RT36 , your kids will know what to do when they get it ^.^


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