RT3S Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

RT3S onto the cover of Amateur Magazine, named Practical Wireless Magazine on Nov,2018.

The article’s name is ” The Retevis RT3S 144/430Mhz DMR Transceiver”. Writte by Tim Kirby with the callsign: G4VXE. He is the Editor for Practical Wireless magazine. Last year, he wrote the article about Ailunce HD1 on this Practical Wireless magazine.

In his article, He said the different beween the Model RT3 and RT3S.

The different:

RT3: A single band radio, 136-174Mhz Or 400-470Mhz, save 1000channels, no recording function, only can monitor one frequency.

RT3S: Dual Band radio, 136-174Mhz and 400-470Mhz, save 3000channels, have recoding function. can monitor two frequency at the same time.

The features of RT3S

Besides the dual band, recoding funciton, RT3S also has the function Group call match and Private call match. It is similar to the function Promiscuous on Ailunce HD1.

VFO mode


RT3S has the VFO mode, and this article teaches us how to change to VFO mode.

First, you need to make sure your radio’s display is showing the Frequency, if not, please go to radio’s Menu-Utilities-Radio setting-Mode-MR mode.

Then Press the Red Button for a long time, you will enter into VFO mode.


Tim in the article gave a top tip: when you download the software, please make sure the model RT3S not RT3.

You can download the software here: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center/


The Battery is compatible between RT3 and RT3S.


RT3S has two version, GPS and Non-GPS. And the Brandmeister can pass GPS information of RT3S into the network.


With 8 hours Recoding function, RT3S will allow you to record what you hear on DMR.

At last, he made a Conclusion

The RT3S is well built and feels good in the hand. It works well on both DMR and Analogue. He enjoyed using the RT3S as both a hotspot radio and a radio to carry with he, also he said with the reasonable price.


At last, thanks to Tim for posting this model on the magazine, thanks to the Practical Wireless magazine for choosing our Retevis radio onto the cover.

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