RT49P is an important tool for every kayaker

Retevis Waterproof walkie talkies-An important tool for every kayaker

Kayaking, as a sport with long history, is popular among outdoor enthusiasts. For so many Kayakers, you should not only enjoy the pleasure, but also pay attention to your personal safety. Retevis Waterproof walkie talkies —RT49P(US version)/RT649P(European version) makes it easier for you to communicate with your partner and keep track of their safety. Next I will tell you the advantages of it for Kayakers.

IP67 waterproof

Kayaking requires high-level waterproof communication tools to be used normally. The waterproof grade of RT49P/RT649P is IP67. That means it could stay in water up to a meter deep for half an hour without being damaged. Such outstanding performance is totally enough for kayaking.

IP67 waterproof of RT49P/RT649P
IP67 waterproof of RT49P/RT649P

Float and flashlight blink

If we row too much, the walkie talkie might fall into the lake. This is really terrible because it could sink to the buttom of the lake. However, once RT49P/RT649P drop into the water, it will floats on the surface of the lake. In addition, the flashlight also will blink as it floats on the water. This function can help you notice it when you don’t know it falling. And it will help you locate walkie talkie when it grow dark.

License free

It’s frustrating that having a walkie talkie but need to apply for a permit. The complicated formalities and the long wait is virtually a sort of torment. The license-free RT49P/RT649P brings us great convenience.

Excellent call signal

Cell phone may have no call signal or be extremely unstable in uninhabited area. At this time, RT49P/RT649P is the most effective communication tool. In emergency circumstances, you can quickly deliver the message to companions through press “PPT” button. Moreover, talking on the walkie talkie is completely free.

If you are a kayaker, Retevis Waterproof walkie talkies RT49P/ RT649P are very useful. You can fully enjoy the fun of Kayaking with it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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