RT5 : Advantages of compared with H-777

Before we had a detailed introduction to the H-777, because the H-777 is cheap, basic functions are complete, and the use of simple to harvest a lot of fans. But there is also a walkie-talkie that is RT5, it has a lot of advantages over H-777.


RT5 compares the advantages of H-777


1. RT5 walkie talkie 7W dual-band VHF / UHF 136-174 / 400-520 MHz, the spread distance is generally 0.5-4 miles. However, the H-777 walkie-talkie 3W UHF 400-520 MHz, generally can reach 0.5-2.5 miles. However, please note that the distance used by the walkie-talkie is affected by many factors, such as obstacles, battery power, antenna gain and weather, so the distances used by different environments are different.

2. The RT5 walkie-talkie has a screen that can be programmed via the keyboard, allowing you to set up without a computer. One of its great advantages over the H-777 is the RT5 walkie talkie  manual write frequency. Almost all functions can be set via walkie-talkie for personal and outdoor activities. However, the H-777 does not have a screen. When it is necessary to write a frequency, it must be assisted by writing a frequency line.


3. Functional aspects


The Retevis  RT5 has many functions such as DTMF function, channel name display and editing functions, 50 CTCSS / 104 DCS, FM radio (65-108) MHz and many more. In addition,Retevis RT5 walkie talkie  has 128 channels, and H-777 has 16 channels. So in terms of functionality, the H-777 is not comparable.


4.Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie uses a new chip and rugged hardware to bring you more sensitive and faster signal processing, and greatly extend the life of the radio.


5. Color LCD: Make things easier in dark environments, or you can choose the color you like.


Through the comparison of RT5 walkie talkie  and H-777, we learned that there are many functions that customers like on the Retevis RT5 intercom. Therefore, the customer’s work needs can be better met. Better serve customers.



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