RT5 security walkie talkies solution

When the walkie-talkie is used in the security department, the security workers have higher requirements for the security of the information transmission of the walkie-talkie. This RT5 security walkie talkies can meet your needs. We take the security department as an example. The specific methods will be presented below.


RT5 security walkie talkie frequency and CTCSS


RT5  7W VHF / UHF dual-band 128CH, so there are many frequencies for the security department to choose.

Security workers can easily adjust the frequency and sub-audio for double encryption, or set the receive frequency , transmit frequency to make the security information more secure.

RT5 security walkie talkie
7W/5W/1W 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS


Wearing white catheter headphones

When security workers are in a crowded situation, they can ensure the security of information , wearing white catheter-type earphones.

This white catheter-type earphone itself is hidden,not easily found by others. When the security worker uses it,

the earphone and the intercom interface are connected. For the convenience,

the RT5 security walkie talkies can be placed in the pocket, and the important information can be transmitted directly by using the microphone and PTT on the earphone.

When the a security worker encounters an emergency at work, he can use the emergency alarm function on the RT5 security walkie talkies, because the emergency alarm Vox function is to encounter some urgent matters, press the {CALL} button, the radio will issue an alarm,sound or other intercoms that give the loudest sound an alarm.

Keep in touch with other security personnel in the vicinity to resolve problems,reduce losses as soon as possible.

Emergency alarm function


Through the introduction of the above three methods, some functions of this RT5 security walkie talkies can be used to protect important information, which is really suitable for security workers.

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