RT73 dual band DMR mobile radio

Mobile radios are perfect for employees that are on the go to stay in touch with other mobile employees or with a home office. Retevis newly released a DMR dual-band mobile radio RT73.RT73 mobile radio will keep your teams connected.RT73 has many advantages, let’s learn it together.

  1. It is a Mini DMR mobile radio

RT73 is small mobile radio, about 1kg with a package, is easy to carry, if you put it in the car, it won’t take up much space. When workers are doing road repairs, technicians are repairing electrical lines, or security personnel is patrolling parking lots, it is convenient to use RT73.

  1. It is a budget mobile radio

It is not as expensive as other digital mobile radios, just need 179USD, even for commercial use, there will be no financial burden. On our website, we also have the bulk product, you can select a match with an antenna or program cable, It’s more

cost-effective. Here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/Retevis-RT73-Mini-Mobile-Radio-with-GPS#A9203A

Please check it.

Other functions:

200,000+contacts(complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC).

20000 call groups.

250 text messages.

4000-channel (250CH/Zone, 16 zones)

The true 2-time slot which allows for 2 talk paths one a frequency.

Dual-band, dual display, and dual standby.

AMBE vocoder, Crystal sound quality.

Super small size, power up to 20W, be convenient for installation on any device.

Definable keys to ensure shortcut operation.


What in the package:

1x Mini Mobile Radio

1x Hand microphone

1x GPS antenna

1x Power cord

1x Bracket

1x Screw

1x Instructions

RT73 Mobile radio is commonly used in industries such as taxi and limousine services, heating and air (HVAC), in-home appliance or television repair services, police, fire, rescue, and more! If you have any questions, please contact partner@retevis.com directly!

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11 thoughts on “RT73 dual band DMR mobile radio”

  1. Even having the new FW (Oct 2020) laoded, this radio is UNALBE to listen a DMR conversation coming from a COMERCIAL REPEATER by Hytera.
    It works almost correctly when listening a SIMPLEX Hotspot.
    It work perfectly when used over a “Homebrew” repeater (MMDVM + GM340 radios).

    When used over HotSpot codeplug needs to have RXTime set to ON (instead TS2 as a Simplex HS should).

    When used over Hytera Repeater, no audio comes off.
    To get it, a different channel must be selected and then come back to the desired and audio comes off.
    In this case the “trick” of setting RXTime to ON is NOT possible as it shows TS1 or TS2 as possible values
    (Obvoiusly ’cause of REPEATER to do not go “over” a worng TS)

    There’s also a problem with Ham Contacts importing procedure…
    No way to get the correct information on the correct column.

    Having said that…

    We look forward for a new FW version, sooner than later, to fix the mentioned issues.

    In the same way, it will be nice knowing what is the ccorrect fileds’ order, and labeling to get the CPS working fine (if possible to do so…)

    1. Hi, dear, our technical support has found this problem, we will make some improvements as soon as possible! And I will send you a file for testing

      1. BAILOT Patrick

        Hi ! I confirm the simplex TS problem. If i set RT73 to TS1 for simplex links, reception is ok on my RT80 and no reception on my RT3s. The RT73 do not receive RT80 and RT3s. I heve to turn TS to “on” to make it work on both portables radios. The firmare used is the latest (nov. 30). Regards !

        1. In simplex mode, no need to choose the time slot.
          If you choose the TS1, but RT80 can receive signal, and RT3S can’t receive, you should check the settings please.

  2. Hello dear Retevis Team,
    there is an issue with adding channels in zones with CPS 9.1.158.
    I have three zones, when I add a channel, it is always the first channel of the lower zone (the zone underneath).
    So I add a channel to zone one, the first channel of zone two is added.
    If you then check the first channel of zone two, you’ll see that it is totally distorted, you have to program it again….and again…and again, the more channels you add one zone above.
    When I add a new channel to the last zone (zone 3) all is fine, a default channel will appear.

    1. Hi, I have shared the new software to you by wetransfter, you can download and try it to check if your problem is solved or not.

    1. Hi, BS meanings the repeater/base station, so you need to check your working channel, to confirm it is the DMR mode or FM mode.

  3. Jessie C Yuag

    Hi there,
    I just got my RT73 a week ago and I have problem with reading or writing code plugs. It always says COMM port is busy or does not exist. I been trying to figure it out and emailed to your staff and send me usb driver software through wettransfer but it’s not doing any good at all…

    1. Hi, usually if meet this question, sometimes the software is busy now.
      so here we suggest you close the software, turn off your radio,and disconnect the radio to the computer, then open the software first, connect the radio to the computer, then turn on your radio to program it.
      Have a try please

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