RT8-Disassembly-Evaluation (7)

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation !

Retevis RT8 released in April, Hot Sales Volume in Euro-market ! Popular with amateur enthusiasts, primary inventory 100 pcs has sold out ! First ,thanks for all customers’ support, then, we will show RT8 Disassembly Evaluation to prove : Good quality by your decision !

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (2)

IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof Drop Resistance Retevis RT8 DMR Digital Two Way Radio 5W UHF /VHF1000 Channel Digital/Analog Mode LCD Text Message Walkie-Talkie

Package Detail:

  • 1 x DMR digital Radio
  • 1 x Li-ion Battery
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Intelligence Charger
  • 1 x Belt chip
  • 1 x Original waterproof Earpiece
  • 1 x High gain antenna
  • 1 x Short antenna
  • 1 x User manual


Warm remind : In order to meet the needs of customers,we prepared the two antennas: 1 x High gain antenna,1 x Short antenna

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 RT8 External:

1.RT8 length : 141mm except the length of antenna,
width :64mm

Massiness feeling is exactly obvious !

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (4)

2.Screw: Pls notice the Solid screw on the side , different from other common radio’s rubber cover.Providing best solutions for waterproof and dustproof function.If u use headset , pls don’t worry about the waterproof effects,because the waterproof core is not waterproof plastic cover on the surface, it is a thick elastic apron inside.

Yellow label: warm design ! U can write your name to avoid your partner taking wrong walkie talkie.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (5)

3.Left side of the button : soft handle,about 1.5mm ,2 Custom Shortcut Key can satisfy the function u want. The PTT RT8 frame is two layers, between the soft rubber buttons for better waterproof.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (6)

4.Design: Lateral collar decorative thread all the way to the other side, u can think our engineers used to be a clothing designer before @。@ ,because we want every model has their style ~


5.Back: Simple design keeps good water proof function,i need to remind that u had better not dismount often for ensure good waterproof function.But there is a good thing for ourdoor user, u can use electric wire to charge directly.Just only use occasionally.

Warm note: voltage : 7.4-8.2V

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (7)

6.Keyboard: RT8 has the same layout with RT3,The keys button is more wide than RT3, Better feel .

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (8)

7.Button: white color can tell u where to twist so that u can turn to the appropriate volume.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (9)

8.Waterproof and dustproof cover: Solid screws can guarantee a better waterproof function.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (10)

9.Battery card buckle : Upward opening,u can open the battery easily,never worry destroy your fingernails >.<.Do u have similar things happened ? And now, our engineer solved the trouble for u.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (12)

10.Battery capacity : 7.4V,2200mAh,can completely meet your requirements.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (13)

11.The design of the old single can’t meet the best waterproof effect, so we increased the cost, RT8 batteries have a circle of aprons, battery contact aprons and a circle, there is a layer of aprons before cooling plate and the shell.You may think aprons are not expensive, but you have to understand the difficulties of the quality and workmanship of the grinding tool.Because the moulding, crowded, material will appear error. 
RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (12)

12.Antenna connector

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (15)

13. Professional Waterproof earpiece.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (16)

14.Pls notice, Copper screws is bigger than before, because it can Tightly pressed waterproof apron.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (17)

RT8 Internal:

15.(1) Special screws for press radio keyboard.

(2) LCD Ground Snap

(3) Cable port of Front plate and back plate.

(4) LCD cable

(5) White color is waterproof glue.

White color is waterproof glue.



RT8-Disassembly-Evaluation (6)

16.Panel screen, keyboard, speakers are sealed with plastic+LCD PCB board=perfect waterproof keyboard.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (19)


  • Micro-touch membrane keyboard arranged very neatly
  • There is a sealed plastic cover on Mic +waterproof glue,Our RT8 never reduce material for saving cost money.,

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (20)

18.Do not explain too much, I trust u can see the RT8 circuit diagram.RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (1) RT8-Disassembly-Evaluation (6) RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (21)

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation

19.Back Radiating plate

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (23)

20. 2 screws in the middle of the PTT button for fix PTT button better.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (22)

21.From this Detail drawing, u can know RT8 don’t reduce any material , u can know it from weight 0.9kg/pc.INCLUDING THE BOX ,ACCESSORIES ,WALKIE TALKIE.

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (24)


RT8-Disassembly-Evaluation (5)

22.This is a steel structure, focusing on strong, waterproof and prevent collision

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (2)

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation

IP67 Waterproof RT8 test time coming !

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (25) RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (28) RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (1)

RT8 Disassembly Evaluation (27)


Time :30 minutes

Water depth: 1 meter.


RT8 Disassembly Evaluation ended,do u have a deeper understand for our Digital radio RT8 ?any problem pls leave your comment ,we will reply u soon.by the way, The second batch of inventory will arrive on May 5th, grab is earned !!!

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  1. Why is the volume knob in the RT-8 more stiff to rotate than on other radios? Is it because of waterproofing? Thanks

    1. Hi dear ,the RT8 knob is more stiff than other radios is not only because of waterproofing but also anti-pressure and Unzerbrechlich.

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