RT87 Radio Testing In The Cold

Retevis RT87 in the cold.

Lewis, our Retevis friend, tested this IP67 radio RT87 in this cold winter in the UK. RT87 is a Dual-band Analog IP67 radio. Wanna know more about its specification, please click here: https://www.retevis.com/ip67-dual-band-rt87-amateur-radio

He tested this RT87 with the temperature around 3 or 4 degrees. Check the location:

First, he put some calls, with his friend Chris, he don’t know how far away from Chris, but maybe about 7 and 10 miles away. In the video time:1:05 he called Chirs, and Chirs replied Lewis clearly. Very good radio.

Below is the distance between Chirs and Lewis, about 7.57 Miles from the Google Map.

Second, He made calls on the 70cm band and 2 meters band to see if anyone’s monitoring on 3:08 and 3:29. But there is no people on the air.

He walked around, and showed us the Ofcom monitoring station.

Then he made a call with Dave(G0BJK), another ham radio friend. To test the IP67 radio RT87. With the video time on 4:35, With the distance 10.47miles from the Google Map.

Another call to Pete(G8UVC) in the video 6:07.  With the distance about 7.63 miles from the Google Map.


All the calls are in the simplex mode. All with the clearly voices. Thanks to Lewis for doing this vide in the cold weather.

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