RT91 DMR/Analog power Amplifier expand commnunication range

Do you always have a vexation for repeater expensive and ponderous body? RT91 is a best solution that expand commnunication range with cheaper price and lightweight.it’s a DMR/Analog power Amplifier for handheld radio equipment,make the range expand 3-4 km on basis, RT91 is mainly used on car because power is supplied by Eliminator Adapter.

Main Features:

1.Portable and lightweight for convenient use
2.Dual mode for Digital and Analog Radio Automatic recognition of digital and analog systems
3.High output power up to 30 watt
Retevis RT91

This is RT91 link: https://www.retevis.com/rt91-dmr-analog-power-amplifier-for-handheld-radio, If you have anything questions about RT91, please feel free to contact us, vip@retevis.com


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