How does the RT91 rf power amplifier work?

RF power amplifier can change the walkie-talkie with low power into a high power transmitter, thus extending the transmitting range. So, the RT91 40W rf power amplifier should be a good choice for you. But can it work on each radio? And what does the performance look like? If you are concerned about the RT91 device, please check the blog carefully.

Questions and Answers

  • Can RT91 work on the car mobile radio?

Using RT91 with a mobile car radio is not suitable because it works better on a low-power radio. If your radio is 5W, you can connect to an RT91 to amplify the power. But if the power is 7W, when you connect to RT91, the amplifier will ignore the exceeding 1W power in extending.

  • How can I connect it with my radio?

You have to remove the antenna on your radio and connect your radio with RT91 via a connecting cable, please check the connector of your radio antenna first. And the connector of RT91 is a female connector. And then, you can connect an antenna to your RT91, the connector is SL16-J/M. Next, charge your RT91 rf power amplifier on a power bank, please confirm the volt is 13.8V. If the volt is low, the power will be lower than the standard. And finally, you can use your RT91 to extend the range.

  • The power cannot reach 40W, how can I solve it?

There are 3 solutions when you meet this issue.

  1. The voltage. As we said early if the voltage is lower than 13.8V, the power is lower than 40W.
  2. The battery remains. Please check the battery of your radio first. If it is a low battery, the power is lower than normal.
  3. Transmitting range. According to the test, if the frequency is between 430mHz to 440mHz, the power is the highest. One of our customers said he transmitted on 476mHz, and the output power is about 20W and 21W. And if you transmit in 410mHz to 415mHz, the power can reach 32W.
  • Is there a limitation between analog radio and digital radio?

No. The RT91 rf power amplifier can amplify the analog radios and digital radios, and it will not affect the 1750 tone.

And here is a solution when we use RT91 connect to our RT97P repeater.


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