RT97 Repeater Basics

Do you know how about RT97 Repeater Basics? What is HF, UHF, VHF?

As a hot-selling repeater model,The sales performance of the RT97 is still good.

But with the increase in sales, We found that some of our customers still have a lack of understanding of RT97 repeater. So This article will talk about RT97 from the most basic point. SO the title is RT97 Repeater Basics.

  1. Why we need a repeater?

All we know that The signal from the transmitter has to get to the receiver, But radio waves mostly travel in straight lines.

For the most part, radio waves cannot go around barrier. Such as Hills, mountains, and even man-made structures like buildings can block the signal.

We all know that the frequency can be divided into three types: HF, VHF, UHF.

What is the difference between them?

1.HF is “High Frequency, and it will bounce off the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The Frequency of it corresponding wavelength range as below:

160 meters (1.8MHz – 2.0MHz)

80/75 meters (3.5MHz – 4.0MHz)

60 meters (5.3MHz – 5.4Mhz)

40 meters (7.0MHz – 7.3MHz)

30 meters (10.10MHz – 10.15MHz)

20 meters (14.00MHz – 14.35MHz)

17 meters (18.068MHz – 18.168MHz)

15 meters (21.00MHz – 21.45MHz)

12 meters (24.89MHz – 29.99MHz)

10 meters (28.0MHz – 29.7MHz


2.VHF is “Very High Frequency, VHF frequencies generally do NOT bounce off the atmosphere.

The Frequency of it corresponding wave length range as below:

6 meters (50.0MHz – 54.0MHz)

2 meters (144.0MHz – 148.0MHz)

1.25 meters (219.0MHz – 225.0MHz)


3.UHF is “Ultra High Frequencies”, UHF and higher frequencies generally do NOT bounce off the atmosphere.

The Frequency of it corresponding wave length range as below:

70 centimeters (420MHz – 450MHz)

33 centimeters (902MHz – 928MHz)

23 centimeters (1240MHz – 1300MHz

So VHF/UHF is generally considered “line of sight” communications.

So, we can see most of the walkie talkie or hand-held is UHF or VHF.

If you want to use the walkie talkie in the city, Based on strong obstacle occlusion, We will recommend that you use UHF.

If you want to use the two-way radio in open space, such as the field or the sea, The VHF will be the best.

Sometimes, atmospheric conditions will allow VHF signals to bounce, but not often and not for very long. So We need to use RT97 repeaters to get more range

General speaking, if the one walkie talkie to another just can reach 3-5km, If we use RT97, And set a good antenna, it can be reached 15-30km.

The repeater can repeat your signal so that it can go further.

Usually, we need the repeater to have their antennas mounted up high so that they naturally have cover more land.

So the antennas and The height of the antenna is extremely important. If you feel your RT97 isn’t communicating well, it’s probably the antenna.

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