RT97 repeater +RT76 walkie talkie is the best match for communication

RT97 is Retevis small size, an analog repeater can effectively expand the distance. Because of its high-cost performance, easy to carry, it is loved by most customers. We all know, RT97 can be customized as your required, the frequency range is 400-470MHZ,136.174MHZ, the minimum offset is 5mhz. Many customers also require to customize GMRS frequency, then they can work with GMRS frequency.RT76 is Retevis GMRS walkie talkie, after you customize RT97 GMRS repeater, you can work with RT76directly, don’t need programming, it is convenient to use.

What is the advantage of RT76 GMRS radio?

1. GMRS certificate is easy to obtain,is easier to match GMRS repeater

As long as you are over 18 years old, you can apply for this certificate. Furthermore, as long as any member of the family has this certificate, other family members can also use it, it is very convenient.

2. RT76 GMRS radio is 5w radio, supply farther communication.

RT76 is 5w radio, supply higher communication distance than license-free radio. if you need to obtain farther distance, you can consider use RT76 GMRS radio.

RT76 GMRS radio, from 23rd channel to 30th channel, they are channels for GMRS repeater, as is shown:

You can customize your RT97 to GMRS frequency, for example, you can customize” TX:462MHZ, RX:467MHZ, offset:5MHZ”, after you get RT97, just program to contrary frequency as RT76 is ok. For those people that want to use GMRS frequency, you don’t need program RT76, is easy to operate.

Our technicians have tested the distance, match RT97 with RT76, the diameter is 18 kilometers, just use RT76, the diameter is 2.7 kilometers, the effect of expanding the distance is remarkable.

Available accessories

If you want to acquire the best results, you also need some accessories. We have tested them use MA02 antenna and coaxial cable, here is the link of MA02 C9082A:https://www.retevis.com/retevis-ma02-frp-antenna-144-430mhz/

Here is the link of coaxial cable: https://www.retevis.com/50-3-Pure-Cupper-Low-Loss-Coaxial-Extend-Cable/

Could you please check it if you like?

Now, do you have a clear understanding of the group of” RT97 GMRS repeater+RT76’?If you have any questions, please contact partner@retevis.com directly.

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2 thoughts on “RT97 repeater +RT76 walkie talkie is the best match for communication”

  1. Theodore B Cochran

    I want the software to reprogram the RT76 HT to the standard GMRS desired Tone and DCS’s Codes that come on demand but ARES/CERT requirements. I have no intentions of using this radio with the RT 97 repeater. It will be universally programmed for any repeater /tones we need in the area we are working. Currently I have found no software or cable that will program this radio. currently those I have are useless for the purpose they are intended.

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