How to Make RT81 Radio Communicate with Other Radios

1.  RT81 radio communicate with RT5 radio

1)Set RT81 radio

channel 1 as analog mode   RX=400.075   TX=400.075

RT81 analog frequency2)Set RT5 radio

Channel 1  RX=400.075   TX=400.075

RT5 frequency3)Write the frequency to radios, then you can use RT81 walkie talkie communicate RT5 walkie talkie.

2, Digital RT81 radio communicate with digital RT8 radio

let us set channel 1 / channel 2/ channel 3 of both RT8 & RT81 as example, and both of them use default frequency of RT81. Here is the default frequency table of RT81.


RT81 radio

A, open the software, set the digital contacts list

we set call 1 call 2 call 3, they have different ID. Call 1ID is  88, call 2 ID is 22, call 3 ID is 55. As picture showing;


B, set the RX Group contacts—LIST 1.

Make the call 1 ,2,3 to be selected members. As picture:


C Set the default frequency of RT81 of Channel 1 , channel 2 ,channel 3.

RT81 Channel 1


RT81 Channel 2


RT81 Channel 3


RT8 radio

A,Set the digital contact list.

same as RT81 radio, call 1 ID is 88, call 2 ID is 22, call 3 ID is 55, as the picture shows following;


B set the receive list 1


C set the RX / TX frequency of RT8

RT81   default frequency:

channel 1  RX  433.07500    TX  433.07500  color code 1

channel 2  RX  433.17500    TX  433.17500  color code 1

channel 3  RX  433.27500    TX  433.27500  color code 1

RT8    channel 1  RX  433.07500    TX  433.07500  color code 1

channel 2  RX  433.17500    TX  433.17500  color code 1

channel 3  RX  433.27500    TX  433.27500  color code 1

In each channel,  same contact ID, Same color code, same frequency.

RT8 Channel 1


RT8 Channel 2

rt8-channel-2RT8 Channel 3

channel-3write frequency details into the radio, then you can use RT81 communicate with RT8.


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8 thoughts on “How to Make RT81 Radio Communicate with Other Radios”

  1. Will RT8 talk to RT81 using encryption? Or does RT81 only offer 10 character encryption keys, and RT8 4 character or 32 character?

    1. RT81 could talk with RT8 without using encryption. only program them in digital mode, group call, same contact ID. same frequency, same color code, then they could communicate with each other. And, RT81 only offer 10 character encryption keys, RT8 offer basic 4 character and upgrade 32 character encryption keys. their encryption do not compatible.

    1. Yes, because the RT22 is the analog mode radio, so you need to choose the RT81 analog mode, program the RT81 with the analog mode with the same TX and RX frequencies, and make sure the CTCSS/DCS same as the RT22, then they can work with each other!

  2. Can i use same encryption for rt81 and rt84?
    What if i set 1111122222 on rt81 and 00000000000000000000001111122222 on rt84?

    1. sorry, the function Encryption between RT81 and RT84 can’t work with each other!
      For RT81, now only the model RT50 can work with it for encryption function.

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