How to set RT82 record function?

When you have something important to record when communicating with walkie talkie, recording will be a very useful function. Retevis RT82 orginal default setting is with recording function. Do you know how to set RT82 record function?

For RT82 record, it’s only valid in digital mode, so some customer noticed you don’t have record function, please check if you have switch to digital mode first.

How to turn on/off RT82 record function? 

Method 1: Turn on the Record function in keyboard, on both receiving and transmitting radios
Menu–>Utilities–>Radio setting–> No.10 Record–>Turn on
Menu–>Utilities–>Radio setting–> No.10 Record–>Turn off

Method 2: designate the Record function by side key

How to find record contents?
We can programme by hand on keyboard also.
Menu–>Call log–> No.4 Record

How to delete record content?

designate the Record function by side key

One point we need take note is, if you upgraded the radio to have 10,0000 contacts, record function will be cancelled. As radio inner memory is fixed.

Anything els about RT82 record, please feel free to advise,thanks!


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