Should I get RT5 Radio For Preppers & Survival?

As a Prepper or Survival, Should I get a Handheld Ham radio? RT5 radio is the best choice For Preppers & Survival?

The communication plan is often neglected by the preppers or survival. But it is really important beween your and your friend or your family. Have you considered what you would do if your cellphone network went down?

I think the Survivals will often meet these conditions. So how to do? Why not consider this handheld ham radio Retevis RT5?

With the selling price USD39, as the entry door radio, everyone or every family can afford and should have one.

Why you should have the handheld Retevis RT5?

1, In Preppers eyes, the Doomsday could just be around the corner.

Have the Dual band Retevis RT5, you can receive the FM, weather, public service, Ham, GMRS, FRS and other broadcasts. So it is clearly an essential tool for preppers, they can own the Retevis RT5 to ready for any potential Doomsday scenario.

The sooner you have it, the sooner you will learn kno who to use in the doomsday.

2, The inexpensive price you will get the entry door ham radio.

As you know, the price is only USD39,  if you don’t have enough money to get a DMR radio, this model will be your good choice.

You can practice lots of skills on this radio, when you have enough money, you can easily to use the DMR highly capable portable Ham radio instead of this.

3, This radio is the dual band with FM function ham radio.

Dual band, UHF and VHF, you can transmit or receive on both UHF 400-520mhz and VHF 136-174mhz. Also it has the FM radio, you can switch to your local NOAA channel to receive the NOAA weather alert.

4, Easy to operate and easy to use.

Even though Retevis RT5 has lots of functions, but you can easily to use it. There are lots of videos about how to use, how to program or how to… videos for RT5 on youtube. 

Click the picture, you will enter into the shopping page, our official webiste offer the shopping button ” Buy on Amazon“.

If you want to order on Amazon, you can use the code” VLV9AKY4, it will help you to save 10% when buy on amazon.


This radio is not only the best choice for Preppers, but also the best choice during COVID-2019.

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