Some functional operations of Retevis RB66

Some functional operations of Retevis RB66

Retevis RB66 Fast Charging radio has some features:

Such as, Wireless copy CTC/DCS, which is convenient for intercommunication with walkie-talkies with the same frequency as this model.

One-click copy CTC/DCS, which is convenient for fast frequency pairing with other brands of walkie-talkies.

We will talk about some functional operations of Retevis RB66 in this blog.

1/ One-click copy CTC/DCS

1. Please switch radio A to channel 1, turn off the radio. And then press and hold the channel + button to turn on the one-click copy function, the blue light will flash slowly when entering the pairing;

2.Press radio B PTT to transmit, the radio A will make a beep when the signal is paired, the blue light flashes quickly, indicating that the copy CTC/DCS is successful, and the current CTC/DCS will be saved, switch the channel, then radio A will copy the next CTC/DCS.

Note: This function is the function of intercommunication with other brand radios of same frequency.

After the copy CTC/DCS is completed, please restart the radio, otherwise it will consume power quickly.

2/Wireless copy CTC/DCS

1.If you want to copy all the parameters of the radio A to multiple radios. Please  turn all the radios (including the radio A) to channel 2 first, turn off these radios

2. Press and hold the channel “+” to power on,  then the blue light flashes slowly (indicates that the wireless copy function is turned on),

3.Press and hold the radio A PTT to transmit, after releasing, the red light is on, and when the red light is off, it indicates that the copy is successful (restart the radios and the copy is successful).

Note: Wireless copy CTC/DCS is only possible when the radio has the same model and software version as the radio A.


If you’re interested in or have any needs in this radio, please feel free contact, thanks

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