Super waterproof walkie talkie adds fun to your summer

     Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, we need to stay at home more than to travel and hold parties. Then everyone should also pay attention to regular disinfection, wear masks, clean and hygienic, and maintain good health. There is a long-distance waterproof walkie-talkie model RT48, which is convenient for instant communication with family, relatives and friends. Just press the PTT button to send a message and it is convenient to carry.

      The super waterproof walkie talkie RT48 is of great benefit to the communication between medical staff during the outbreak. In addition, medical staff and patients are indoors, with few obstacles, long communication distance, and good effect. And patients and people in the isolated area can communicate at any time, which is cheaper and faster than mobile phone communication. Of course, the same is true for conferences, warehouses, drills and other activities.

Professional equipment
Professional equipment

     At the same time, we must also pay attention to disinfection of the intercom,You can choose 70% concentration of rubbing alcohol for disinfection. Do not pour the alcohol directly on the intercom, but pour it on the cloth and wipe gently.People at home can turn on the VOX function to communicate in swimming and playing splash games, increasing the fun of the game.

     You can choose RT47, a waterproof and license-free machine for close proximity, and RT29, a waterproof walkie talkie with a large-capacity battery.

    The super waterproof walkie talkie RT48 professional VOX, monitor, BCL, scrapler and other functions not only meet your requirements for communication, but also increase your fun to explore the walkie talkie.

     If you want to know more about RT48, you can follow the official website :, or leave a message in the comment area, or you can directly communicate with us.

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