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5 guides in survival and emergency rescue two-way radios

There are 5 questions to introduce how important survival and emergency rescue two-way radios are. And some influencers and customers will tell you how to use them in their works.

  • Who can use the radio?

If you have a radio license, then you can choose any radio, especially ham radios or license radios with more functions and contacts. Like RT82 DMR ham radio, RT5 analog ham radio. And you can also choose some high-power and long-range licensed radio like RT29 that can work in heavy-duty or wet places.

However, when you use radios in emergency situations of a social nature, you can use them even without a radio license. At this time, mobile phone communication and Internet systems are often broken, radio as the only means of communication is very important.

If the usage environment is not serious, such as fall, loss, or imprisoned, and if you do not have a license to operate the radios, you can choose License-free radios for survival. Like RB27B FRS or RB627B PMR446 radio, and RT45P is also a great radio for Prepper.

  • How to choose survival radios?

First of all, if you have a license, you can use licensed Prepper radios anytime, but if you have no license, the license-free Prepper radio is the best choice for you.

However, there are too many radios that can be chosen, how do choose the right survival radios?

For urban Prepper, the UHF band can work better. So we have a choice of license-free radios, UHF full range radios. But if you want to use it in an open area like a field or backcountry, you can choose VHF full band radios or MURS radios. MURS radio is a license-free radio, and there are 5 VHF channels that can be used.

  • What features are necessary?

IP67 waterproof and dustproof. It means the radio can work in 1-meter depth water for a half-hour. Most Of the Prepper had to go out, so the radio had to deal with all sorts of harsh environments.

Durable shell and protective measures. Drop testing is necessary as it is an effective tool for testing the robustness and wear resistance.

Local and remote emergency alarm. In order to survive, you need to save energy to the greatest extent possible. Getting help quickly requires a loud and clear voice. A local alarm lets others know your location, and a remote alarm lets radio users on the same frequency quickly get your call for help.

Dual-band watch and standby. Single-channel receiving and transmitting radios are not convenient when communicating with multiple people, so dual-band radios are more suitable for survival because they can receive two channels. Channel A can also be used as A broadcast channel and channel B as A communication channel. Will improve the efficiency of information transmission.

  • Why Retevis?

The mission of Retevis is to provide everyone with the most suitable high-quality radio. So you can find a radio that fits your needs, even if there’s a solution for different people in a similar scenario. We will focus on the Prepper crowd, so we will design different radios for different Prepper needs, which is why we chose Retevis. has a long history of providing faster and better after-sales service. Customers can easily find the contact information of different platforms at the bottom of the home page or contact us through official social media platforms. So, that’s why you should buy from Retevis.

  • Who can prove them?

No more language, pictures can illustrate.

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