The 3rd anniversary of Retevis Badminton Club

Retevis Badminton Club was found in 2017. This Club will help the Retevis staffs to do more exercies while busy working. Retevis is a growing brand of two way radio and accessories, we not only offer you the different kinds of walkie talkies and accessories, like the ham radio, business radio, outdoor radio, earpieces, programming cable and ect, but also offer the communication solution.

Up to now, there are 28 members in our Badminton Club, and we always keep the purpose “Unity, Friendship, Struggle”.

In 2019, Retevis Badminton Club participated in many competitions, and achieved excellent results.

This is due to our usual training.

Retevis badminton Club member photo

In May 2020, our Badminton Club fight again, to against the Covid-19.

The family photo of Retevis Badminton Club in 2020

Retevis Badminton Club

In order to enhance the comity cooperation, and to keep the balance between health and work, our club will held lots of competitions in further.

Retevis has always been committed to release best and most suitable wireless communication Radios and Solutions to our customers.

“Joy, Growth, Value and Happiness” is our belief, However, Customer Satification drives us move on. Also, Wish every one of you enjoy all from RETEVIS!

Thanks, if you have any question about Retevis and Retevis radios, please feel free to leave message below or contact us by email:

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