The best two-way radio for security officers

For parents, school security is a priority, and having instant communication is the first step. Two Way Radios are an essential tool for correctional facilities. There are many radios in the market. So which radio is suitable for security officers, as security officers, what do they consider when select walkie talkies? Let us discuss it together.

If you are in American use radios, I recommend you use RT51.

RT51 is POC radio, this is a new network radio, it only works over cellular it will work with AT&T and t-mobile services, insert AT&T and t-mobile card, you can talk with other RT51 in American, unlimited distance. We have customers ordered many RT51 for security staff, feedback is easy operational and convent. However, RT51 only can be used in American. If you don’t in The Unite State, or you want to test others, I recommend you use RT83.

1. RT83 is a high power walkie talkie

High power can support long-distance communication, generally speaking, At the same power, digital radios can reach longer distance than analog radios. For example, Some large parking lots or campuses

can use high power radios to protecting the safety of others.

2. RT83 can support Digital encryption function

Single/group/all call function let you can find the person you want without switching channels, it’s very convenient, encryption function make your conversation with your partner more private, most security personnel need this function very much to ensure the safety of people and property.

3. RT83 supports remote alarm.

The emergency alarm function is very important for everyone, especially for the security personnel if you use the radios with emergency alarm function, when you are dangerous, you can send an alarm signal to others, them will come to your rescue, it’s very practical function.

Besides, Our RT83 also has GPS version, when you are outdoors, people can always know where you are and contact you. Here is the link of the GPS version:

Now, do you know which Two Way Radios is best for security officers?

If you have any questions, please contact me freely.

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