The Best Waterproof Radio for Kayak Retevis RT49P/RT649P

Kayaking is loved by many people, water communication Retevis RT49P/RT649P walkie-talkie can help you solve it easily. Retevis is a waterproof and dustproof walkie-talkie with floating function. The appearance design is simple and elegant, with this bright green color. Even the radio ccidentally fall into the water, you can easily find it.

Waterproof and water-floating function

RT49P/RT649P adopts IP67 waterproof level. Can be fully submerged in 0.5m deep water for 30 minutes. It also has a floating function, even if it accidentally falls into the water, it can float to the surface again, and the bright green color helps you find it easily. When the walkie-talkie is immersed in water, the flashlight will start to flash automatically, even if it falls into the water in the dark night, it can be found quickly. Its waterproof and flotation features are popular among kayakers.

RT49P waterproof Radio

Dual watch

The RT49P/RT649P walkie-talkie is equipped with a 1.25 LCD screen. Clearly display channel information.Two channels are on standby at the same time, and information from different groups can be received during team activities.

High flashlight

RT49P is equipped with a strong flashlight, press the flashlight button. It emits white LED lights for illumination. With a flashlight like this, you can easily light a trail, or the surface of water, at night. As for SOS emergency alarm, long press for 3 seconds to send out a distress signal, it also flashes red light when turned on, which can be used as emergency equipment.

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