The cost-effective outdoor RetevisRT49B is coming

You can also see that RETEVIS has launched a series of new products in the past two months. This not only meets the needs of different target customers, but also shows that RETEVIS is responsible for customers. Now, The cost-effective outdoor RetevisRT49B is coming.

RetevisRT49B, RetevisRT49 and RetevisRT49P are series of walkie-talkies. Serve target customers at different levels. The highlight of RT49B is the outdoor walkie-talkie with high cost performance.

outdoor RetevisRT49B

First of all, there is no certificate, and no need to write frequency. Many customers who use walkie-talkies will forget to buy the write frequency cable when buying. (First remind everyone, if the walkie-talkie needs writing frequency, you must consult the customer service whether you want to buy a writing frequency cable) This will be very troublesome to use after receiving the walkie-talkie. RT49B does not need to write frequency and has a keyboard, which will make communication more convenient.

Second, the USB charging cable. Many customers will ask whether the walkie-talkie can be charged by USB or car. This is of great benefit to travel. Charge it anytime in the car. Moreover, the RT49B battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh and has a long battery life.

Third, RT49B also has NOAA function. During outdoor activities, you can obtain weather information at any time and adjust the rhythm of outdoor activities. CTCSS/DCS function, precise communication effect. The back clip and VOX function make it easier to carry the walkie-talkie.

The cost-effective outdoor RetevisRT49B is very suitable for family. Lisence free, no need to write frequency, NOAA function, USB charging, etc. all satisfy you.

In addition, at 9 pm on September 18th, US time, RETEVIS will broadcast live on Youtube. There will be a large number of events and gifts. Everyone is welcome to watch.

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