The difference of RT40 PMR446 license free and RT40B FRS license free radio

There are two similar models, one is RT40, the another one is RT40B, They are different between RT40 PMR446 license free and RT40B FRS license free radio

RT40B FRS license free radio

RT40 is a PMR446 license free DMR radio, RT40B is a FRS license free analog radio

1. RT40, the frequency is PMR446 range, 48 channels available, for europe countries; RT40B, the frequency is FRS range, 22 channels, for north american countries

We can learn of the channels of RT40 is more than RT40B, if you need to use plenty of channels, RT40 is a great option

2. RT40, the battery is 2000mah big capacity; RT40B, the battery is 1100mah, it is far than RT40

The battery capacity is very import, it means how long you can use the radio, if you frequently use outdoor, please firstly consider RT40

3. RT40, PMR446 license free DMR radio; it makes communication is more clear when you ask for high quality communication
RT40B, it’s a FRS license free analog radio, the price is lower than RT40, It is conceivable that the voice is not as clear as RT40

4. RT40, AES 128 Bit Encryption, it’s a high level digital encryption way, however, RT40 is a analog encryption way by change CTCSS/DCS

In summary, it’s the reason why the price of RT40 is higher than RT40B, when RT40 compare with other DMR radios, it’s also very economic

If you’re interested in RT40 PMR446 license free DMR radio, please learn more by this article

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