The first DMR Mobile Radio RT90

Retevis RT90, as the first mobile radio, comes with the handheld Mic speaker. Make it easier to talk with each others when driving.

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What’s the features of Mobile radio RT90?

  • Dual mode ( Analog & Digital)
  • Dual band (VHF & UHF)
  • Dual watch
  • Dual time slot
  • High power 50w
  • Two VFO mode
  • GPS version( Optional)

How to program your Mobile RT90?

1, You need to download the software from Retevis official webiste:

Find the software RT90 to download. Then install the software on your computer.

2, Use the programming cable to connect your Mobile RT90 with the PC.

3, Make sure the radio is power on. ( You can use the laptop to program when you have installed the RT90 on your car)

4, Then you can program the RT90 as your request, as the below picture, set the contact, group call, zone information, and channel information, scan list and others.

More about how to program your RT90, please check this blog:

How to upgrade your Mobile RT90’s firmware?

We will update the firmware irregularly. If you have some problems with your radio, reset it or update the firmware will be the best choice.

1, Check your RT90 version.

There are 4 kinds of version of RT90: GPS with recording, GPS CSV,  Non-GPS with recording, Non-GPS CSV.

2, Connect the RT90 with your computer by programming cable.

3, Press Alarm Key and P1 button at the same time, power on your RT90, the screen will flash several seconds.

4, Download the firmware from then Install the firmware.

5, Open the firmware software, choose the right file to upgrade.

6, After 100% download completely. Turn off the radio and turn on again. The upgrade firmware will be in your RT90.

More about how to upgrade RT90 firmware? Please click this blog:


Our friend Lewis from UK also made a review on this Mobile Dual band DMR radio RT90.

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    1. hi, this radio don’t have the programming cable, would you please check if you set this or not?

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