The functions of MURS handheld radio RB38V

The functions of MURS handheld radio RB38V

Retevis RB38V, is the MURS handheld two way radio, with 5 channels. You can make an order here:

Here we will talk about the functions RB38V.

1, CTCSS/DCS codes

Retevis RB38V featuers with 38 group CTCSS codes and 83 group DCS codes.These codes will help you to make more optionals to communication with others. Each channel has 121 choices.

2, NOAA weather channels

Support 11 NOAA weather channels, you can choose  your local NOAA channels, then you will receive broadcasts from local NOAA stations with current weather information.

3, Monitor Function

Monitor Function can help you to Monitor the weak signal.

4, Scanning function

You can program the side key 1 or 2 as the Scan function, then when you active the scan, radio will scan, to check if the channel free or busy.

5, VOX function

VOX means Hands-Free, you may not press the PTT to transmit when you active this function. Allowing hands-free communication, you can keep on moving without stopping to answer a call.

6, Emergency Alarm

Active the Emergency Alarm function, it will transmit the alarm signal to other radios which has the same frequency.

Above are the functions of MURS handheld radio RB38V. Hope these will help you to know much about our MURS radio.


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