The Most Complete Tutorial For The New RetevisRT49P

The new product RetevisRT49P outdoor walkie-talkie has finally arrived in anticipation. Sorry, the giveaway and tester waited so long. RETEVIS has not forgotten your support and active participation. please wait patiently. In order for everyone to use it better, the most complete tutorial for the new product RetevisRT49P is here.

The new product RetevisRT49P is an outdoor walkie-talkie that exceeds expectations. First of all, the appearance is very bright and the touch feels good.

Secondly, it is function.

RetevisRT49P has SOS function, that is, when danger occurs, long press the SOS button for 3 seconds, it will emit red light. There is also NOAA function (long press the LAMP button until the logo appears on the screen), and then in NOAA mode, you can switch channels to check the weather.

RetevisRT49P has 20 call tones. Press the MENU button twice and see the CA logo on the screen, you can switch the call tone. Press the MENU button three times, the VOX logo will appear on the screen, and you can choose from 0-3 levels. Press the MENU button four times, CH will appear on the screen, you can select dual channel, or close.

Press the LAMP button once to turn on/off the flashlight. Adjust the volume by pressing the up and down keys.

In addition, since RetevisRT49P is a waterproof outdoor walkie-talkie, the battery shell protection is very high. If you want to install or replace the battery, you need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw.

RetevisRT49P has a keyboard, so it is very easy to personalize settings. This is very convenient for outdoor call settings.

The tutorial for the new RetevisRT49P is all.

Therefore, RetevisRT49 series is a walkie-talkie with simple operation and high cost performance.

New products are coming soon, welcome to inquire.

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