The Role of Various Options in the HD1 Software

The latest HD1 software version is HD1_software_v2.08, in every software update.

And we always ask for customers opinions and suggestions to upgrade and modify some functions and operations.

The download page is

HD1 can set and modify almost setting through the front panel programming keyboard, especially under the VFO mode, almost all the operations can be done via the keypad.

This feature is available on some machines, but nonetheless, there are many users like to set unique and suitable parameters for their own operation.

Because setting the radio on computer software is easier for them, and they can also save their codeplug to share and save.

Today, let’s talk about the operation and application of the software.

The usual options of HD1

First, there are some setting usual, such as channel setting, frequency, color code, time slot, add contacts, radio ID, offset, work mode, VFO mode, channel mode, promiscuous function, encryption and so on.

Not going to introduce those functions and setting, let’s talk about some other options of the software.

The other options of HD1

1. The options of Channel Setting

Scan Add:

Such as three channels, the first two all check this option, the third not check.

Then start to scan, choose all channels, the radio will scan the first channel and the second channel, the third channel will not be scanned even if there has a signal.

But if you set a zone 1, channel 1 and channel 3 are in zone 1, channel 2 is not in zone 1, begin to scan, choose zone 1, then the radio will scan the channel 1 and 3 only.

It means that the Scan Add option is work in all channels scan ways.

HD1 has three scan mode, Search Scan, Time Scan, Carrier Scan.

HD1 has two scan ways, zone scan or channel add scan.

Rx Group Lists:

A receive group list is just a list of talk groups.

When configuring a channel in your radio, if you want to hear more than just the talk group you’re listening on, you will need a receive group list.

A receive group list can contain more than one talk group.

If you want to be able to listen to several talk groups without changing channels or using scan lists, you can add them into the receive group list for that channel.

The Rx group list allows you to listen to multiple groups on one channel.

But the color code, time slot, the frequency must be same.


This option can set the HD1 with GPS version, it controls the GPS switch, the GPS signal receive and transmit function.

2.Basic Setting:


One key call:

It can only be used in conjunction with the short key setting option, push the short side key, you can call someone you set.

Roger Beep:

If your radio checks the option.

After you end call with someone’s radio, and the PTT key is released, his radio will receive a beep that means you are finished the talk which is a complete transmission.

Private/group call response(Hang Up Time)

Generally used in promiscuous mode.

When an unknown group message is received, you can reply within the Hang Up Time.

Rx Information Time:

When receiving a signal, the information of the current group call or private call will be displayed on the screen.

When the other radio stops talking and releases the PTT, the information previously received will continue to be displayed on the screen, and the display time can be set, it’s Rx Information Time.

Talk Permit Tone:

In general, the radio sends a call by default after pressing the PTT.

However, due to the control of the transmission limit or the wrong work mode, sometimes pressing the PTT cannot ensure that the call is successful.

After checking this option, if the transmission is successful, there will hear a tone when pressing the PTT key.

No Rx Information When Operating Menu

If you uncheck this option, when you operate the menu there has a group call or private call, the screen will display the Rx information and all your previous operations are returned.

But if you check this option, when you operate the menu there has a group call or private call, your operating will continue but the call signal is received as usual.

Accept Remote Kill Cmd/Accept Wake up Cmd:

If check these two options, you will accept other radios remote kill and wake up your radio.


Today’s list is full of options that have been queried.

Most of them are settable and frequently used.

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