Retevis RT22P The Thinnest License-free Walkie Talkie

The Thinnest License-free Walkie Talkie

The Thinnest License-free Walkie Talkie is coming. If you are looking for the Ultra-thin walkie-talkie.  Retevis RT22P will be a  good choice.

Lots of customers want to get a thin, lightweight two-way radio for their business and outdoor activities. They don’t want to carry a heavy and big radio Because of the inconvenience. So we Retevis released an Ultra-Thin walkie-talkie to meet their requirements.

Retevis RT22P-The Thinnest License-free walkie-talkie in 2022

1, RT22P is the license-free Ultra-thin walkie-talkie.

It has the FRS band and PMR446 band, to meet different countries’ customers’ requirements.

2, Lots of people will be worried about its battery.

They think the light-weight and thin radio will have a low-capacity battery. Please don’t worry about this. In order to design this radio with the long-standby time, RT22P comes with a high-capacity battery, 1620mah. This battery can last you up to 15hours.

3, Convenient way to charge.

Great News is you don’t have to worry about the battery charging. Retevis RT22P has a new way of charging by using Type-C to charge the battery.

4, What’s the difference between RT22 and RT22P?

Retevis RT22 is a lightweight and mini license-free walkie talkies. Also, this model is the best-seller in 2021 and in 2022.

Which is the thinnest?

Its fuselage is 20mm thick

Only 15mm
License-Free?Yes, FRS and PMR446Yes, FRS and PMR446
Battery?1000mahHigh-Capacity 1620mah
Mini Size?Yes, 136X55X20mmThe smallest size in the market, Only: 110X55X15mm

The Thinnest License-free Walkie Talkie

If you want to order the thinnest walkie-talkies, why not choose RT22P? Presale:

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